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NextGeneration Enterprises
United States

by Karckade

This page represents NextGeneration Enterprises, a small operation with a lot of great stuff on the horizon. Please be patient—we're not experts, we're not professionals, but we ARE full of creativity and confidence. :)

NextGeneration is part of Cameo Entertainment Group, which is basically the overall "entity" for my various film, television, and other projects. CEG also houses Cameo Films, among other things.

Cameo Films (the stuff I'm really focused on):
KT Cannon™:
Lauren Lockhart™:
Blade Ross™:…

Matt: @MattDeRojas
Cameo Films: @CameoFilms
KT Cannon™: @TheKTCannon
Lauren Lockhart™: @L3Lockhart
Blade Ross™: @BlaydonBlade
NXN™: @NXNtv

(YES, I roleplay as my characters on social media sites! I think it's a great way to generate publicity for them!)

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(I know there's people I forgot, so I apologize. This list WILL be updated, though!)

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I might do more of these if they become popular enough, but for now I'm just going to do two, and both are about the title characters of the two series I'm slowly working on.

(note: these were culled from KT's Kore Values bio which is undergoing revisions, and a massive personal scratchpad)
1. KT picked up guitar while he still lived with the Patron Saints of Freedom in Liberty, MO. He stopped playing for a while, but after he moved to Florida he began learning it again, perfecting his style, and gradually becoming nothing short of a virtuoso. KT and his friends sometimes jam for long periods to escape from reality, and they ultimately end up carrying this over to actual performances when they form an actual group.
2. KT is very creative and spur-of-the-moment. His on-stage performing style is as improvisational as his personality, as he often walks along the stage during solos and certain other instrumental breaks. During his more driving and intense solos, when he's really in his element, he seems to dance across the floor, and may occasionally throw in a musical interjection by gradually stepping toward the mic and shouting it (usually a loud "Yeaaahh!!" or "Alright!!").
3. KT's playing style includes a great deal of direct influence from Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen, though he has also cited Tom Scholz (of Boston) and Ted Nugent as other influences. KT and Lauren often play off each other when jamming, similar to Hendrix and drummer Mitch Mitchell (in fact, Lockhart's style shows some major influences from Mitchell—but more on her later).
4. KT is a complex man. Sometimes he feels two or more contrasting things at the same time, and this sometimes causes conflict. He is also a very reluctant hero, even after he realizes at the outset of the series that he needs to do something about Maxen Meyer™ when he realizes what's going on with him.
5. KT doesn't look at anyone, not even his best friend Lauren Lockhart™, when he is feeling down or when he is unhappy with them. Sometimes Lauren, being the take-charge girl who doesn't sugarcoat the truth, makes him look at her. This sometimes causes him to break as he looks into her piercing teal eyes and can't take it anymore, falling into her arms. The opposite sometimes happens with Lauren, too.
6. No spoilers, but Lauren helps to gradually open up KT throughout their adventures. Sometimes it's as simple as just being together; other times she gets more intimate and cuddles with him. She gives him the passion and love he so desperately needs, whether he's feeling great or as pessimistic as one can be. He, in turn, gives it back to her since she's needed it all her life, too. They become best friends because they care for each other more than most people they've ever known (and keep in mind, KT never knew his biological parents and very little of his adoptive parents due to rather tragic circumstances).
7. Speaking of cuddling, KT is often known to purr when he's doing it with Lauren. He'll never admit it, though.
8. KT is more of a listener than a talker, even as he opens up to Lauren and to other people.
9. Speaking of opening up, minor spoiler: KT has a good singing voice but is afraid to show it at first.
10. And finally, KT is very private about his relationships. He rarely talks about them, and (again, no spoilers) what may happen between him and whatever girl he may end up in a relationship with often stays between the two.

Matt Johnson - Just Waiting by nxgnetwork MATTHEW XENON JOHNSON™
1. MJ was originally intended to be a straight-up fursona, a better representation of myself. But I ended up making several changes to the character in order to make him slightly better than I am—and to differentiate him from KT Cannon, who I share some non-heroic traits with as well.
2. I chose the name "Matt Johnson" due to its extremely common nature. The surname "Johnson," according to BehindTheName, is second only to Smith in the list of most common last names.
3. MJ is a ladies' man, even more so than KT Cannon. It's one reason why he sometimes opens his shirts a little more in rather informal environments. As much as he loves his women, though, he's not a sex-crazed maniac as many people sometimes believe those in the furry fandom can be like, and he goes to great pains to try and make sure people realize that. Furthermore, he eventually realizes that he has to choose only one in the end, and this is the primary storyline that MMJ will follow. (Of course, wolf happens to be a synonym for womanizer and one of the Merriam-Webster definitions of the term reads "a man forward, direct, and zealous in amatory attentions to women," but that's not at all why I chose the wolf as my character's species.)
4. MJ is an aspiring jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter, and for this reason MMJ is a very musical series. Unlike KTC, the songs in MMJ are woven into the storyline much like a Broadway musical, and the series itself often spoofs the tropes and clichés of musicals in a pastiched, affectionate parody. (Ironically enough, I'm personally not that much into musicals. :P)
5. MJ's voice is akin to that of Michael Bublé or Harry Connick, Jr.
6. MJ's middle name, Xenon, refers to the deep blue color of his eyes. They may glow to varying degrees when he is emotionally charged.
7. Despite his outer "playboy" appearance, MJ is also quite enigmatic, insecure, and shy when he's not around friends he knows. He may sometimes be the only person by himself in a room full of other people talking to each other.
8. Traeci Lee™ gave MJ his first kiss before she moved back to her hometown of Texarkana, TX. So even with other ladies around him, he has a special place for her in his heart.
9. MJ's theme is "Smile," the Charlie Chaplin song set to words by Geoffrey Parsons and John Turner. I even thought of an ending theme for MMJ—not that I'd need it—but it's "Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen" written by George Cates
10. MJ often likes to imagine he has a musical variety show in his dreams—indeed, it is billed as coming from the "Ballroom of Dreams" (I would have called it the Theatre of Dreams, but that's where Manchester United plays!). Partially inspired by Lawrence Welk's program, he often has his friends, especially "The Lovely" Traeci Lee or his best friend Chase Gunnarsen™—more on him some other time—featured on the show. This plot element is still in the preliminary stages, but is somewhat similar to how Sam Lowry escapes from the doldrums of everyday dystopian life in Terry Gilliam's film Brazil. Obviously, Oceantown is nowhere near the dystopia of Brazil, but things can get boring sometimes.

No tags. Do it if you like, but let me know that you are :D

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